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Gelatiamo Ice Cream and Pastries

Gelatiamo Italian Ice Cream & Pastries is located in downtown Seattle on the corner of 3rd and Union.  The name means “Lets have a gelato together.” Who can resist a sign that says “Italian Ice Cream & Pastries”?  Not this girl.

Gelato, the fancy Italian spelling for ice cream, usually has milk, cream, sugar, and some other secret ingredient that gives good flavor. Lemons, blueberries, chocolate, Whoppers…. Why put a limit on flavor? It’s a little different from the typical American ice cream because it’s generally made with less butterfat. That’s kinda sad, I know, but what they take away in fat they make up with that super secret ingredient.

We’ve had gelato at several restaurants around Seattle, and it was only after eating here that we began to realize…hey, all that gelato we were eating at Pagliacci, Wild Ginger, De Laurenti, and Nordstrom’s had been created at Gelatiamo. Those guys play it real loose and smooth with their goods, don’t they?

It’s not just the quantity that Gelatiamo specializes in, it’s the quality. They use the freshest ingredients purchased from local farms to create the gelato. On-site. Every day. That’s right, they’re making Italian frozen treats every day, and it’s happening here in my town. It’s a Christmas miracle, ain’t it? The folks there keep the gelato at wamer temperatures than used when storing typical ice creams, and this results in softer servings. I like a firm treat myself, but hey, sometimes soft will do.

Just a few of the super duper secret sumptuous flavors these guys use in place of so much fat.  Do you see how “Malt with Whoppers” is actually Italian for “Malt with Whoppers”?  Language is fun like that.

I love the smell of a freshly baked waffle cone in the morning.

Gelatiamo always has 16 varieties of Gelato and Sorbetto (a water based, dairy and fat free product) on display, however they make 40 different flavors depending on the season.

This tray of gelato was being delivered to the folks walking around on a Seattle food tour.  You didn’t really think they’d serve Gatorade at a rest stop in Seattle, did you?

We sampled a petite four and a few tarts. They were ok, but not something I’d buy again.  I did spot something else on the shelf that I had to have, of course.

Now that’s a cookie a Happy Cookie Friday kinda girl like me can get behind. I believe one had strawberry jam and the other was raspberry, but I can’t be held to that.  They were pretty awesome.  One of the good things about this joint (after the Whopper flavor) is that they’re open until 7 most nights, and even 8 on the weekends.  No need to feel guilty–remember, low on fat, big on flavor (say that with an Italian accent and it’s almost believable).

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