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Macrina Bakery & Cafe in SoDo

What better way to spend a rainy Saturday morning than at the neighborhood Macrina?  Besides at home, in my pajamas, by the fire, under my favorite blanket, I mean. The Macrina Bakery & Cafe in SoDo is the closest of the three to us, and since I’ve never eaten at that branch (and haven’t been out in public for breakfast in a long time), I figured we should brave the 40 degree weather and get crazy.

The 1st Avenue cafe is where the bread and wedding cake magic happens for the Seattle stores. Since I can’t go into a grocery store around here and not see Macrina bread for sale, I imagine that’s a busy kitchen.  It’s a good thing, because they know bread.

When we arrived, I was quickly reminded of the second reason I hate going out for breakfast on the weekend. Everybody goes out for breakfast on the weekend and there’s always always waiting involved.  After much deliberation, we decided on the french toast for James and I’d try some puffy-looking pastry.

That tree on the wall is pretty awesome.  Maybe it’s the home of Macrina, the magical bread fairy.

If you look around, there are dozens of tempting packaged goods ready to be picked up, taken home, and consumed immediately.  What’s interesting is that none of the people who work in these bakeries appear to be stark-raving carb addicts, and I’ve no idea why?  Maybe I need to go to work at a bakery and be surrounded by breads every day to get over my obsession with it.

You can pick up a jar of Ballard Bee Company‘s honey at Macrina.  Something’s gotta be poured on all that bread you’re going to buy.

James, the french toast purist, enjoyed the brioche french toast and chicken apple sausage ($11), but wasn’t crazy about the blood oranges or the almonds.

It was good–gooey on the inside, toasted to a crisp on the out. Brioche is definitely the key to a damn good french toast, and maybe that’s why I never liked french toast when I was a kid.  We were eating egg sogged Wonderbread in my house, and trying to kill the taste with Log Cabin.  I thought the almonds were a nice touch, but wished the oranges had been strawberries.

With names like “cocoa poof” and “roly poly,” these had to be ordered.

The label said roly poly ($3), but after checking their website, I do not think this roll is what it said it was. According the Macrina site, a roly poly is their version of a cinnamon roll, with coconut, raisins, and walnuts added. None of these were present in what appeared to be a plain ol’ poofy roll with marginal cinnamon and vanilla icing.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Whatever it was, it was damn good.

The cocoa puff was a popover style roll with a poof of ganache in the middle.  I like the fillings in my pastries to be equally dispersed for a good filling to bread ration, you know?  This was ok, and had a fun name, but I wouldn’t order it again.

I’ve seen better barista art, and had better mocha.  Why is that I always have to ask for “extra hot” if I want to have anything close to hot coffee in this town?  Either way, the mocha was just ok.

Who can resist heart cookies?


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