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Brave Horse Tavern

The Brave Horse Tavern is one of three Tom Douglas restaurants in the big red brick building on  Terry Avenue in South Lake Union (Ting Momo and Cuoco are the others).

Skylights, shuffleboard, flaming ovens, oh my.  We arrived just at the beginning of happy hour and there were already a few guys shuffling it up over the sandy boards.  I think several beers are required before playing that game (sneaky, Tom), but that’s ok because it’s much more interesting to watch the pretzel guy do that magical twist with the dough.

I’m pretty sure those pretzels in those baskets are props because the pretzels brought to our table were warm and doughy, while these in the baskets looked cold and crunchy.  This place feels like a bona fide tavern.  Ok, an upscale, we’re-going-for-the-tavern-look kind of tavern, but a tavern, man. I don’t understand the long communal tables, has everyone decided that Seattle is so friendly they’re ok eating with each other?  I haven’t experienced that on the streets yet, maybe it’s a nudge.  There’s plenty of room in the place for as many tables as Tom wants, so he has to be encouraging the “love your neighbor, dine with strangers” movement.

Beergarita.  Made with beer.  It sounds more fun that it was.

Crandaddy (without liquor) and an orange drink (with liquor).  Again, these are the things that happen when going too long between eating and a blog post, because I can’t remember the name of that orange drink.  It tasted like Tang with vodka.

Bacon and egg ($6) are froofed up deviled eggs sprinkled with bacon crispies and green garlic.  These were ok, but deviled eggs are one of those things I can make at home easily enough not to have to go out to eat them.  This is a nice low-carb plate for non-sugar fans.

But for people who laugh in the face of carbs, there are those pretzels.  And bring on the dips!

Brick oven pretzels with sour cream and crispy onion, cheddar pimiento spread, and smoked peanut butter bacon.

All three dips are delicious, but the peanut butter bacon is the best.  Salty and sweet for the perfect topping to that pretzel.  The pretzels themselves were tasty (hey, they’re pretzels) and are a pretty good change from deep fried happy hour fare.  I loved changing between dips and yes, I do double-dip, just so you know if you’re ever dipping with me.

Hands down, the best thing at Brave Horse Tavern is the baked to order chocolate chip cookie (2.5).  I know there’s no photograph of the whole cookie, and that’d be because one single cookie on a flat plate is boring.  Look how amazingly magnificent that melty warm gooey goodness looks, and it is magnificent, oh yes.  Next time I’m going for the little cherry pie with ice cream.  If I can resist the lure of the cookie.

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