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Bakery Nouveau Chocolate Cake

What better way to take a minor detour from the diet than a stop off at the Bakery Nouveau?  With cake this moist, who needs milk?

While not my most favorite treat from the BN, there’s always room for a pretty Macaron.

Nothing’s as good as the best treat in Seattle, ye ol’ Twice Baked Almond Croissant.  Maybe not the prettiest, but by far the tastiest.  Look at those layers of buttery pastry dripping with almondy goodness, mmm!

James went for the apple danish, which may appear pretty simple, but the innards told a different story.

How is a girl supposed to maintain a semblance of a diet with the burning knowledge that pastry like this is just across town?

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  1. cb

    I am devastated that you went to eat pastries without me. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Me & that Baisa chick had breakfast today. We talked about you. A lot. We think you’re just too cool for words and we really want us 3 to hang out and giggle.


    • Natasha

      It wasn’t an intentional pastry binge, more like an accidental binge? You know, of the worst kind. I’m so backed up with work it’s ridiculous, but things will calm down. Eventually? ;-) Hope you had a delicious breakfast and that Jackie’s a riot, ain’t she?

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