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Pig Iron Bar*B*Q

Weirdly enough, the best places to get barbecue in Seattle are located on a two mile stretch along 1st Avenue in SoDo.  While Jones and Pecos Pit are awesome, I’d have to say that the best place to sit down and enjoy some Q for lunch in Seattle on a Saturday is Pig Iron.  You might think it’s because both Jones and Pecos Pit don’t bother opening on Saturdays, and I’d say you’d be right.  Places who don’t open on the weekends will most likely never get much of my business because I’m generally a weekend warrior when it comes to dining out.  Pig Iron chooses to close Sunday and Monday, gawd love ‘em, and they’re open 11-4 the rest of the week, ’til 5 on Saturday.  That’s annoying to have to remember, but worth it if you’re desperate for some barbecue on the weekend.  It’s also cozy, the staff is friendly, and the fact that they serve margaritas don’t hurt none, neither.

Pig Iron Cola.  You saw it here.

Pig Iron Rita, a cherry limeade, and a glass of water served in ye ol’ Kerr jars.  The rita was a little heavy on the lime and needed more sweet, but it’s good.  I don’t know if they serve liquor in their cherry limeades, but a little tequila never hurt a drink, I always say.

The roasted jalapeños stuffed with white cheddar, maple bacon, roasted corn & spices ($9.5) must be ordered.

The only way they could be better is if they were spicier.  The filling is creamy and the cheese and corn play well together.  Maybe if they left in more seeds when scraping out the pepper to fill it, it would kick up the spice.

I asked the guy who dropped off our waters what his favorite thing on the menu was and he said “The babies.”  I usually go with the recommendations on first visits, but a plate of ribs sounded too heavy for lunch.  I’m guessing that he wanted to taunt me for not going with his suggestion, because he stopped by on his way to the table next to ours in order to wave this half slab of babyback ribs ($19) in my general direction.

I got the smoked pulled pork ($10) with cole slaw.  The pork was juicy and tender, the sauce was spicy and sweet.  I liked the bun, too.  Not too thick, but I didn’t eat the top as too much bread can spoil the taste.

James got the special of the day and I don’t even remember what it was.  What I do remember is that it had slaw on it and since James, not a slaw guy, ate it anyway, it must have been good.

The baked beans were spicy and sweet (I know this is a recurring description, but that is what barbecue is all about, spicy and sweet) and after having a bite of James’, I almost wished I had ordered it instead of the slaw.  Almost.  I love a cool, creamy cole slaw to balance out a spicy and sweet sandwich and the slaw at Pig Iron’s is pretty good.

Our ol’ friend Dan joined us for lunch and he has the same sandwich I did, except he had a side of hot link ($3.5).  He enjoyed it and said he’s order it again, but it didn’t look like anything I’d be interested in.  I like my links smothered in mustard and shoved inside a bun.

While we were eating we noticed a couple of ladies who kept walking in and out of the front door.  Dan told us that they were probably servers who worked next door at Slim’s Last Chance and were coming over for orders.  Our server overheard us and confirmed that they did work at Slim’s, and both Pig Iron and Slim’s were owned by the same folks and that Slim’s had even been featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  I’d never heard of it so we stopped in for a quick look after leaving Pig Iron.

While Pig Iron caters to lunch crowds, Slim’s hours are for not only lunch and after-work, but late night, too.  They serve a variety of chilis and have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.  They’re on my list and I’ll be writing about their chili as soon as I get in to try it.  I imagine it’ll go well with their margaritas.

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