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Magical Sandwich Makers (MSM Deli) in Tacoma

Earlier this year we stopped in at MSM Deli in Tacoma for the first time.  We’re in Tacoma quite a bit, but really haven’t had a chance to eat at many places down there.  I decided it was time to eat at the number one hot spot in Tacoma.  When I Urbanspooned Tacoma, it came as no surprise that a sandwich joint topped the list because it’s exactly that way in Seattle.

Following my general rule of ordering the most popular menu item on my first visit, James and I agreed that sharing a Mike’s Deluxe (6.5) was the best way to go.

Most of the folks waiting in line before and behind us seemed to fall into the college student demographic.  Obviously The People want their meats, cheeses, and veg stuffed into a roll, they want it cheap, and they want it often.  Enter the Magical Sandwich Makers to make it happen.

I love salads.  I love sandwiches.  However, I’m not a big fan of making my sandwich a salad.  A little lettuce is good, but if the sandwich maker piles on too much green, it runs the chance of magically making the other ingredients disappear. I don’t know about this sprout on sandwiches phenomenon either.  But we just went with it.

MSM is also a convenience store that sells, uh, convenience items.  We decided to pair our sandwich with a vintage Pepsi Max (zero calories, double caffeine) and a bag of Hawaiian Luau BBQ chips.  That’s quality deli goodness right there.

The roll was very fluffy (too fluffy, I would’ve scraped out some of those bread guts if this had been Natasha’s Deluxe), and the veg was fresh and crisp.  No real flavors stood out, the ingredients just worked together to create that cold, deli sandwich experience.  We haven’t been back to MSM since our first visit, but this could easily be a go-to place for a quick sandwich whenever it’s a “I don’t want to brush my hair, let’s get something quick and easy” kind of Saturday.  The service was friendly and fast and the prices are reasonable.

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