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Happy Cookie Friday: Shoofly Pie, Shoo

Fly’s in the buttermilk,
Shoo fly shoo,
Fly’s in the buttermilk,
Shoo fly shoo,
Fly’s in the buttermilk
Shoo fly, shoo,
Skip to ma Lou my darlin’.

Mmmm, pie.  With the exception of digging the first slice out of the pan, there is something so neat, so perfect about a slice of freshly baked pie.   Once that first inevitably imperfect slice has been removed and sacrificed to the cook, the real conflict left is determining whether to create sixths or eighths.    That’s assuming it’s a perfectly cooled pie that hasn’t lost its molten hot innards on the slice adventure, anyway.

By pie I mean fruit pies with crust, none of that creamy froth from the freezer (forgive me key lime, you know I don’tt mean you).  And by fruit I mean cherry.   “Cherries were born to find homes in betwixt pie shells.”  I read that in my 7th grade science book.   Or Martha Stewart Living, same same.

In West Seattle, there’s a place that sells tarts and pies aplenty.  Want savory?  They’ve got twenty.   Well, more than half a dozen.  Shoofly Pie is located on 4444 California and with the exception of Mondays, opens every day at 10am.   Mondays really need pie to make them better, but even the pie lady needs a day off.  I love it when a store closes at least one day a week because nothing says “owner operated” and therefore “we really care about our products” like darkened doors.  Well, I love it right up until I forget they’re closed that day and I’m needing pie.

Most whole pies are around $20, and if you’ve ever tried to make an edible pie crust, I’d say that’s a fair price.  Who knows if you’ve poured in enough ice water, or if you’ve added enough shortening or too much butter, or when you’ve reached proper “pea-sized balls” in the food processor?  Who even knows how to put that food processor back together, anyway?

That, sweet reader, is a pie cookie.  I can’t make this up, there’s the photographic evidence.  I walked right into the  Shoofly Pie Company and asked the lady behind the counter if she had cookies.  She did.  Sure it’s a starfish cookie that’s lost a tentacle, but after promising me that she hadn’t bitten it off and stuck it back in the jar, I took it from the friendly pie saleslady, ate the flaky crust of a cookie (that would’ve benefited from a smear of cherry juice) and called it good.   All for you.  Happy Cookie Friday, man.

The best thing about Cup Pies is that there’s so much crust.  The fruit fillings are wonderfully sweet.  Unfortunately I’ve not tasted the quiche, gallettes, or pot pies.  Yet.  In fact, I’ve only tasted blueberry, apple, strawberry-rhubarb, and of course cherry (the best).  I haven’t even made it to pecan (ohhh, pecan pie, you evil, dirty points-laden dessert, you), much less the shoofly.  If you’ve never had shoofly pie, go out and get yourself a very chewy molasses cookie that’s crunchy on the outside.  I much prefer pecan pie over the shoofly I’ve had in the past, but maybe I need to try Lou’s.   Wouldn’t it be great if the owner’s name were Lou?  (It’s Kimmy and Zac, in case you were wondering.)

The cutie pies ($1.6 each) are great for serving a variety at your dinner party and telling people you spent all day slaving to please them.  Because they taste so deliciously homemade, don’t try and tell them you actually made teh crust because you go too far.  Nobody makes their own crust.  See food processor note above.  Actually, you can buy just crusts at Shoofly and bake up the pies at your house.

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