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The Adventure at Little Big Burger

On Saturday we were in downtown Portland and decided to find out what’s going on at the Little Big Burger (if you get irritated by links that lead to mostly nada, don’t bother clicking because that website is about as sparse as their menu).  I found the joint  located down the street from the literary Vatican, (aka Powell’s).  My first thought was “Damn, that’s a big bookstore.”  My second thought was that the Little Big Burger dudes got lucky with the location because who doesn’t need a refueling station after prowling through stacks of used biology textbooks from 1989, 53 copies of The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo (six new , forty-seven used), the Trial of James T. Kirk, and The Alchemy of Air: A Jewish Genius, a Doomed Tycoon, and the Scientific Discovery That Fed the World But Fueled the Rise of Hitler.

Isn’t your mouth watering for some fry sauce after just reading those titles?  I know!

Living in the ‘burbs for the past few months has me spoiled about parking, so anytime I can park once downtown and visit two places?  Winner winner burger dinner.  I like the idea of a little big burger.  Little portions of big taste at even littler prices?  Awesome.  The simple red and white sign out front isn’t an understatement of things to come.

After much deliberation, we decided to go with the burger.

Apparently there are a whole slew of condiments I’ve never heard of because I’ve been living in a world designed by Big Ketchup.  And even though I love the squeeze bottles because they emit the perfect stream of condimenty goodness, I have to admit I missed ye ol’ Heinz.  Half the fun of burgers and fries for me is drowning them in red, salty sweetness.  This Camden catsup tastes more like cocktail sauce and I have to admit I wasn’t even tempted by the fry sauce.  James enjoyed all of it, but he’s been hooked on the sauce for years.

The burger is good.  I’d go less froofy next time and stick with cheddar, and I might even get it on the veg burger, but I did enjoy watching the bleu cheese turn pink from the medium-temp burger juices.  The whole burger scene reminded me of a clean, neat Dick’s with better french fries and even better burgers.  It’s not a place we’d go out of our way to visit, but it’s perfect if I already have a parking spot downtown and I’m in need of a small warm bun and a medium hunk of meat.  I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes….   Even if I have to bring my own Heinz 57.

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