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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I don’t know much about the Beaverton ‘burb of Portland except there’s a ton of places to go shopping and the french fries sold at the Five Guys Burgers and Fries joint are fantastical.   I don’t know how Burger got top billing over Fries, but somebody needs to renegotiate Fries’ contract.

Upon walking into a Five Guy (apparently born on the East Coast and finally made its way out here a couple years ago) the first thing that jumps out are the sacks of taters.  Sack and sacks and sacks of taters.  So many taters, I barely noticed the peanuts plopped on top of a pile.  Yes, yes Five Guys is one of those places.  Eat the peanuts, throw the shells on the floor, break an ankle while falling down.  I was a little suspicious of the peanut distraction at first because I thought “Hey, this is a fast food place, is our order going to take so long that we’ll need to chew on peanuts while we wait?”  But then I thought, “Hey, free peanuts!”

Ordering at Five Guys is simple:  go to the counter, choose between burger, dog, or sandwich.   We got a cheeseburger ($5.19), a little cheeseburger (I don’t remember the price on this), a dog ($3.09), a fry ($3.69), and a diet coke ($1.79).  Some days you’ve just gotta have a cheeseburger.  For me, that’s every other day, sure, but I’ve got to reign myself in somewhere.  Actually, as I get older my tastes seem to be changing.  The pizza cravings are about gone and the burger yearns are going with it.  I actually heard myself say last week “Man, I really could go for some broccoli.”  Yes, Cookie Girl wanted fibrous units of greenery.  But the only greenery to be had at Five Guys comes by way of lettuce, pickles, relish, or jalapeños.

I like how they split the dog down the middle to ensure a thorough cook, because there’s nothing worse than raw dog in the middle.

That’s mustard, onions, and yes, ketchup on the dog.  Don’t tell my east coast connections, man.

Right here’s the reason to stop by Five Guys.  Man, these fries were fantatstical.  And not just the first hot one, but all the way to the last room-temp fry at the bottom of the bag.  Crispy on the outside, mushy on the inside, and just the right bit of flavorful salty goodness.  Best fries I’ve had in a long time.

This is actually a much more flavorful burger than I’d anticipated (greasy), and after reading reviews from Five Guys and their dubious battle with the In-N-Out fans, I’ve got to find one of those In-N-Outs and see what the hullabaloo is. The cheeseburger with everything. All cheeseburgers come with two patties. If one patty is all that’s required, it’s gotta be the “little” cheeseburger.

In the words of Obama when he ate that pumpkin doughnut at Top Pot last month, “Man, that’s good.  You can’t eat it every day, but it’s good.” It’s good. I’d give the hot dog a pass, order a Little Cheeseburger, and get the large fries. Good, good stuff.

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