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Happy Cookie Friday: Pomegranate Bistro

This week’s Happy Cookie Friday is coming to you from the Pomegranate Bistro in Redmond.   I found this place searching for awesome cookies on the Google, something I do when I’m getting no recommendations from friends. Seattle Magazine voted Pomegranate Bistro’s Redmond Crisp as the “Best Over the Top Cookie” in a “Seattle Best Desserts” kind of article.  I have no idea when that article was written as no date jumps out at me, so not sure how current it is.  I think playing the corn flake card in the cookie must’ve been what threw it over the top, as the other ingredients seemed simple enough–peanut butter, brown sugar, pecans.  I had to find out what a Redmond Crisp did to get that kind of rating so we loaded up the truck and drove to Redmond.  Washington, that is.  Swimming pools.  Computer stars.  Trapped in traffic while crossing the 520, I Droided Pomegranate Bistro and after minimal research, I discovered an item on the Fall menu that very clearly deserved the title “Best Over the Top Cookie” way so much more:  chocolate soup and nudder budders.  No, you get out.  I know!

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie?  The Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie and I go way back.  There are few packaged cookies that attempt to mimic the shape of their flavor, though I’d really like to see what the snickerdoodle people could come up with.   That’s right, I eat package cookies from the grocery store–I don’t discriminate against cookies and subsequently frown on people who frown on them.  It’s clear that Lisa Dupar, chief cook and bottle washer at Pomegranate, has a firm grip on the value of the fancification of folk foods.  And if having nudder budders on her menu didn’t convince me of that, seeing the Fried Chicken and Champagne cookbook on the counter inside her restaurant that’s to be released this month did.  What a brilliant title for a cookbook, man.  I wonder if there’s a recipe for gourmet Cheetos in there.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Did you see the photo of the front door of PB?  The craziest part of Pomegranate is the first view of the joint.  It appears to be located in what used to be a strip mall and is essentially the opposite of where you’d think something calling itself a “bistro” would be.   Redmond itself is an upscale ‘burb of Seattle, and I didn’t know they even allowed buildings like this in the neighborhood.

The first thing to check out is the treat case.  PB has a bakery and espresso bar that serves, well, espressos and bakery stuffs.   Pumpkin cheesecake ($6), carrot cake ($6), oatmeal molasses sandwich cookies ($4), chocolate ganache cake ($6), coconut cream cake ($6), a variety of cookies–shortbread, chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, the Redmond Crisp, and I believe something like an “everything cookie.”  Cookies are $1.75.  Before being seated, we ordered about three different items to be brought over to our table.

On the way to the table, you get a view of what seems to be the real bones to the business, the catering outfit behind the glass wall.

The interior gradually changed from industrial to artsy.

Even the tables waiting to be bussed were elegant.  Glossy wood and shiny bottles can do that for a place.

It doesn’t get more bona fide than putting sweetened iced tea on the menu.  Let me clarify–good sweet tea.  But you know you’ve been away from home for too long when you take a swig of that wine of the south and feel your blood sugar levels raise 20 points.

In between lunch and dinner the menu has a few limited items from the kitchen, so we ordered the Salumi pepperoni and cheese firebread ($9).  While we were waiting for it, the treats we’d ordered from the bakery bar arrived.

On top is that “everything” cookie and below is the Redmond Crisp.  Both are deliciously firm on the outside and chewy.  Not crunchy, but nice and firm.  Very good, I recommend them both.  The “everything” cookie lived up to its name and in my opinion would’ve trounced the Redmond Crisp in a cookie-off.

As if the sweet tea and fried chicken cookbook weren’t enough, Lisa also had a Moon Pie in the bakery case.  A froofy Moon Pie, sure, but still.

Moon Pies at PB.  Surprisingly good.  The chocolate in the cookie and the coating is almost too dark, but the sweetness of the marshmallow filling kept it from being too bitter.

Our firebread arrived and I have to say, it was stinking awesome.  PB has one of those fire ovens and the crust on the pizza  is thin and smokey, the sauce not too sweet, and the pepperoni everything a sausage from Salumi should be.  I had come for cookies, but this was the best pizza I’d eaten in Seattle.  I’m not kidding.  Get it.

We started with cookies and finished with more cookies, the way every meal should.  The chocolate soup and nudder budders ($6) aren’t always on the menu, so get ‘em while you can.

I like the idea of these nudder budders more than the cookies themselves, as they were a bit too cakey for me.  I like a cookie with crunch, and these had none.  The “soup” is very dark chocolate, and I think I would’ve liked it better if it would’ve been on the more milky side.

Before leaving, I visited the bathroom.   I normally wouldn’t find that important enough to mention had it not been for this juicy little bit that’s inside on the bathroom counter.

The cookbook’s not in the bathroom, but the autographed photo of Matt Damon saying he can’t wait to try some Pomegranate is.

To recap:  the Redmond Crisp is delicious, but that “everything” cookie is really Over the Top.  The Salumi pepperoni pizza is phenomenal.  The nudder budder soup is not as tasty as it could’ve been, but definitely fun for a try.  Happy Cookie Friday, man.

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  1. Samantha

    Oh wow! I LOVE the Pomegranate Bistro! I was there once a while back, and it was a fascinating place! You nailed it, elegantly industrial…and TASTY. Now I can’t wait to go back! You’ll take me right? :)

  2. Natasha

    Of course! We can go for dinner if you can get here fast enough. ;) It is a cool place and I’ve already promised Shy that I’m taking her there for pomegranitins when she comes back, too.

  3. Looks like a fabulous place! Your pictures are drool worthy, especially the moon pie, and the atmosphere, which looks very classy indeed. I’ve driven by that location a hunnerd times and never stopped. A crime!

    I absolutely LOVE Salumi salami. Bet the pizza was unreal.


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