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Frogs, and Turtles, and Cupcakes. Oh my.

Last week in the middle of some crazy heat, we took a walk around the University Village for a little shopping.   The bonus of the day was that there were cupcakes and kids involved, but I try to make myself available to those types of situations as much as I can.  Only thing that could’ve been better is if the cupcakes had been cookies, however cupcakes are still the new black, and cookies are pretty rare these days, so enjoy the ride, cupcake, the treat industry is a fickle, fickle beast.

If you’ve never visited the U-Village, you probably don’t know about the spitting frogs and turtles.   Wild animals in general aren’t really wild in this area–did I tell you about the time the squirrel in Volunteer Park approached me and asked for a sip of my Pepsi One?  Or the bunny who lived in my rhododendrons who chatted with me most mornings and requested romaine over spinach?  So wild animals doing unusual thing is fairly normal here, so why shouldn’t the frogs and turtles start spitting because of the children.

Ohhh, the children.

This little guy loved it.  Despite the fact that it’s August and the day was warm, it wasn’t warm enough to keep the kiddies in the spray very long.  But this one didn’t seem to mind it too much at all.  He was giggly and chatty and just so much fun to watch.

The frog and turtle fountain is directly in front of the Trophy Cupcakes.  I’ve had cupcakes at Trophy from the store in Bellevue, but this was the first time I’d visited this store.  The circus cupcakes were just plain fun–who wouldn’t love a circus on top of a cupcake?

I was almost tempted by the pina colada just to get the little umbrella.

Pineapple upside down cupcake.  With real pineapple in the upside down.

We were forced to eat the cupcakes because the kids burned so much energy running through the frogs and turtles, somebody  had to refuel, you know?  I don’t know what came first, the squirting animals or the cupcakes, but some strategery was involved there.  High-level strategery.    Trophy has different cupcakes every time I visit (ok, so this was the second visit), but it seemed like a whole different batch of goods in there from the shop in Bellevue.  James said the pineapple upside down was the best cupcake he’d eaten from Trophy and highly recommends it.

When the kids started running on fumes, and the animals took a nap, we finished our shopping and headed back to the comfort of central air.  While no animals were harmed in the making of this blog, I can’t say the same for the cupcakes.

Trophy Cupcakes & Party on Urbanspoon

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