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Happy Cookie Friday: Papa Haydn

PH3This week’s Happy Cookie Friday is brought to you by Papa Haydn‘s, located on 23rd in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s the part where I tell you that I didn’t even have a cookie from Papa’s.   I know!  Just look at those plates filled with gorgeous macaroons, chunky chocolate chips, and gloriously chocolate dipped shortbread triangles.  And I’m just guessing that’s pecan shortbread, but it looks pretty phenomenal, doesn’t it?

But first I have to tell you that I have indeed had cookies at Papa Haydn’s before, oh yes.  I visited the first time a couple of years ago for dessert and ordered the creme brulee.  It came with these tiny tasty cookies that were as delicious as they were pretty.  Unfortunately I had no camera on me at the time and it was only last month that I was finally able to go back for a return visit–but had so little time!  I remember when I visited for dessert before promising myself to try the chicken pot pie and the biscuits and gravy.  Maybe not at the same meal, but maybe so?

There has to be a pretty good reason not to eat a cookie, and I promise I have one.  When we went in and sat down, we told the very very nice server that we were short on time and needed to try as many things as possible without appearing to be the most ginormous gluttons in the joint.  It kills me that I can’t remember his name, but I’ve got to proclaim he whose name I cannot remember the best sever in all of Portland.  It’s true.  The guy not only knew each delectable item on the menu, but some great stories about Papa’s as well.  But most importantly, he suggested we order a dessert sampler extravaganza.


This fantastical dessert included five, yes count  ’em 1-2-3-4-5 things for me to try and I have to tell you, it was almost as good as getting a spoonful of everything off the dessert table at my Aunt Vicki’s at Thanksgiving.  Almost.


The first item up for bid is the Boccone Dolce.  This is a “swiss meringue drizzled with chocolate and layered with whipped cream and seasonal fruit.”  I’ve to say, I’m not one for meringue desserts–it’s only recently that I’ve developed a taste for macaroons, and that’s because I’m a slave to toasted coconut.  But don’t even try putting meringue on my pie or offering me a floating island or yeah.  That kind of thing.  However!  After Super Server Man told us the story of how the chef who created these babies went around cooking them in Easy Bake ovens, I was in willing to give it a try.  And it was good.  Very chewy, great flavor.  I don’t know if I could order a whole serving for dessert, but it was great for a taste.


Next was the lemon blueberry cheesecake—”a classic New York style cheesecake infused with tangy lemon and a blueberry ribbon on a graham cracker crust topped with lemon curd.”  It’s tart and tangy and I could definitely go for a whole slice of this.  It was my favorite item on the platter.


This was the Chocolate Cube and the Raspberry Gateau.  The Cube is “a bittersweet Tanzanie chocolate shell filled with dark chocolate mousse.”  I have to be honest and say I didn’t like this–but I don’t like mousse and I’m not crazy about dark chocolate, so I’m biased.  However, it’s cute as the dickens, ain’t it?  The Gateau is “a fallen chocolate souffle topped with raspberries, brushed with red currant glaze and finished with a bittersweet chocolate ganache.”  Very good, very rich, would’ve been better with milk chocolate.  I know, not very chic of me.


This last little thing was a hazlnenut Goo-Goo Cluster, without the marshmallows.  It’s not regularly on the menu, so sayeth the server, and just tossed on for the fun of it.  It was good!


As good as the potluck plate was, I saw the blueberry cheesecake on the counter on our way out and wished it could’ve been mine.  What I really regretted was not getting a cookie for the road from the plate.   But maybe the next time I’m in town, I’ll try to make it a bona fide Happy Cookie Friday for you, man.  In the meantime, get over there and get yourself some lemon blueberry cheesecake, and if you try the pot pie or biscuits, let me know about it.

Happy almost-Cookie Friday, man.

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  1. Michael Gibbons

    Thanks so much for the beautiful photos and the wonderful review. I am one of the owners of Papa’s. I always appreciate hearing from our customers. We love what we do and when our customers do so as well…it makes our day. Thanks. I will be putting a link to this on our facebook page.
    Michael Gibbons

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