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Matt’s in the Market Happy Hour

USHH10The folks at Urbanspoon hosted a little happy hour shindig at Matt’s in the Market a couple of days ago to celebrate Urbanspoon RezBook.   It was not only the first time I’d been to Matt’s, but I met a lot of people I’ve read online for the first time as well.

If you don’t know where Matt’s is, well hell, neither did I.  They opened up about fourteen years ago and in the six I’ve been here, I never once thought to look above the fruit stands on the corner of Pike and Pike for a good restaurant.  It took a while for me to learn that there’s more to the market than just the street level stalls and storefronts selling flowers, fish, and fresh-baked cookies.   To get to Matt’s, you have to ask the guy at the pepper stall how you get there.  Then you follow his directions until you get lost on the second floor, go down and out to 1st, turn right down Pike Street, go up the Can Can entrance, around somewhere in there, and there it is.  Matt’s in the Market.





Urbanspoon reserved the place, so it was filled with food bloggers.  The horror.




Molly, Bob’s Stomach, and Becky.  Good folks enjoying good food and fun.


The food Matt’s served was awesome and had me planning on coming back for a full meal.



Crabcakes with a lovely garlic’y dip.


Fancy bacon and eggs on toast.  Fantastical.


The meat on the sandwich had a tangy, Thai pork glaze taste to it.  The texture was a little tough, but the flavor was nice.



Grapefruity cocktails.


And Urbanspoon folks.



Patrick and Ethan from Urbanspoon.  Very friendly guys who’ve done a great job of providing foodie folks a place to flock.

I don’t know how frequently Matt’s rents out the space for private parties, but I’d give him a call to see if he’s available.  Especially if you like fried egg sandwiches.

Matt's in the Market on Urbanspoon

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