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Happy Birthday Cupcake Friday: Cupcake Royale

This Happy Cookie Friday blog is being interrupted by a special event, and will return next week to its regularly scheduled programming.   We now bring you:  Happy Birthday Cupcake Friday, featuring  the Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill.

Yes, it was my birthday on Tuesday and while cookies are my favorite, the only way to celebrate a birthday is with birthday cake.  I’m a traditionalist, and sincerely believe it’s not a birthday until I’ve had white cake and white icing in some form.  However, as the years add up and the pounds are harder and harder to lose,  the only way to not find myself in the front of an open fridge the morning after, slicing off a hunk of leftover cake is to make sure there are no leftovers, so that leaves premeditated proportionally correct treats.  Cupcakes.  Who can feel guilty for having a whole cupcake?   Three, sure.  And speaking of three…




If you bring people with you, you can share.  Sharing’s good!  If it hadn’t been for James who chose it, I wouldn’t have bothered with the front man here, Salted Caramel.   Anybody who knows me is well aware that I’m crazy for my Aunt Vicki’s homemade caramel cake.  Your mouth hasn’t lived until its had a slice of that cake, I’m telling you.  While this cupcake isn’t as good as Aunt Vicki’s, it’s pretty stinking delicious, I have to admit.  I’d prefer a vanilla cake as opposed to chocolate, but the cake was so moist and delicious, I stopped comparing and just enjoyed.  I didn’t think I’d care for the salted part, but it actually cut the sweet just enough to give a depth of flavor that had me singing “Happy Birthday” to myself with a full mouth.


This guy is the Royale with Cheese, which is the best name for a cupcake ever.  I think they should’ve gone the whole nine and called it the Vincent Vega, but I guess more ‘splaining would’ve had to be done.  This cupcake tastes like red velvet, so if the Royale has sold out of those, try one of these.


No matter how nice those were, at the end of the day, nothing says happy birthday like white cake with white icing, and this one is even called Dance Party.  A party in my mouth, really.  So.Awesome.  Moist, rich, vanilla cakey goodness.  It needed a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, but the gluttony has to stop somewhere.  And the Royale didn’t have any.

While there are many cupcake places in Seattle, I think each of them bring something different to the table.  Beautiful decorations, unique and original flavors, catchy titles, etc.  However, it’s my firm belief that Cupcake Royale has the best tasting cupcakes in town.  The new location on Capitol Hill must be doing something different than the other Royales, because they’ve finally got it right–a moist cupcake that’s not too sweet, but packed with flavor.   The store itself definitely has the coolest decor and the folks working there are friendly and easy going.


While friendly people, cool decor, and even cooler cupcake names are awesome, the main reason you want to go to the Royale is to get you one of these:


A pretty sweet treat for a birthday.  Happy Birthday Cupcake Friday to me, man.  Now go get you one so we can all celebrate my birthday!

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  1. WTK

    man…..dem’s good looking cupcakes man….

    I totally agree with your logic about no leftovers, especially since i have the power of bakery goodness contained within my skull…and Ray’s a pie man.

    a whole cake translates to me eating 3/4 of a cake by myself if it’s there. thus, I’ve switched cupcakes….but they have to really 5′in good to warrant the workout.

    so, we need to get together and negate teh calories together….

  2. Gail

    Looking good! Happy belated birthday…you’re another Aries! Mine comes up next Saturday. Sadly, no Cupcake Royale here, but I noticed at the Art and Soup celebration this week a new cupcakery here in SLC. Maybe I’ll try that.

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