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Food and Fun at Philly Fevre

There’s not a better sandwich than a genuine cheese steak, but it’s been pretty hard to find a good philly in Seattle.  A few people had recommended a spot on Capitol Hill that I’ve missed for the entire five years I’ve been living here, but a few weekends ago we finally found the fevre.  Philadelphia Fevre Steak and Hoagie shop is located on Madison and 23rd.  It’s reportedly to be the Northwest’s oldest and most authentic phillysteak and hoagie restaurant.


Kenny the Philly King from Alabama talked a good game when he started slinging steaks, onions, peppers, and cheese across the grill.  It felt like a slice of home just listening to the sizzles on the grill do battle with the basketball game blaring from the tiny tv set on the counter



The fries were nothing to shake salt at, so next time I’ll do without and just go full sandwich and feel a smidge less guilt.


After dropping off our sandwiches, Kenny headed to the freezer to grab another authenticate Philly item to show us to go along with the packaged dessert already front and center.



I had no idea what Scrapple was, and after Kenny described it, I’d say it was something close to souse, whose ingredients traumatized me as a kid and the idea of people paying to eat this on purpose leaves me feeling kind of ill either way.  So it’s  Tasty Kake to save the day!  Not sure why only east coast style stores around here are the only ones to carry these things, because yum.

If you’re looking for a Philly, head to the Fevre.  Kenny’ll serve you up right and charm you through the whole process while he’s doing it.  Great service, hearty food, and Tasty Kakes.  Can’t go wrong.

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