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Happy Cookie Friday: Madison Park Bakery

This week’s Happy Cookie Friday is brought to you by Madison Park Bakery in Madison Park.  This bakery  has been around since 1929 and that’s exactly what it feels like when you enter–an authentic, traditional, bona fide bakery.  Not a coffeehouse, not artisanal, and not bistro.  This is your mother’s bakery.  It looks, smells, and most importantly tastes like an old-fashioned bakery.  Not that there’s anything wrong with coffeehouse, artisanal, or bistros, but I think so many people forget that “old-fashioned” is not a four-letter word.


We definitely were treated to some good ol’ fashioned service by the very friendly baker, Mickie.  After telling her we wanted a special Friday cookie, what else could she give us besides a rainbow trout?



The service was very cheerful and friendly, and Mickie believed in the products they sell.  It’s great to be around people who seem to love what they do.

Since rainbow was the word for the day, I also had to get a slice of a very gorgeous buttercream rainbow cake (and it was absolutely butter creamy dreamy, man, I do love white cake with white icing, and ever so much more when it looks this gorgeous).


And then, because I’m all grown up and I paid for my own food and because I can?  I played with my food.


That’s a rainbow trout riding a rainbow wave.

The bakery was filled with all kinds of goods, but a girl’s got to show some self respect and say no.  There’s always next Friday, right?  We did get a couple of James’ favorites (default purchase).


The lemon bars were good, but I like mine a little more tangy and a little less gooey.  But let’s not forget about the reason for Fridays.


Ahh, the rare and beautiful rainbow trout who appears to have its fin lodged into a piece of rainbow cake.  Their oughta be a law against cake trashing these waters!

This Happy Cookie Friday is dedicated to our friend Ray, my favorite fish geek.  Happy Fish Cookie Friday, man.

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  1. Ray

    This is where I point out that it takes a geek to know a geek. And thanks for the mention, and especially the food porn. That rainbow “wave” can crash on my plate any time.

    I’m sure that those fish are tasty, but if you see Mickie again, tell her to run the stripes horizontally, thereby making a more anatomically correct trout.

    Yep, geeking out.

  2. Ray

    Oh, and lemon bars are his favorite? I can’t eat one without downing a dozen. I knew that guy was alright…

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