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Happy Cookie Friday: Il Fornaio

This week’s HCF is brought to you by Il Fornaio Bakery Cafe, located in Pacific Place in downtown Seattle.  It’s not unlike an upscale Subway, as they make your salads and sandwiches right in front of you (or you can grab one out of the case).  They have an awesome sopressata.  But it’s Friday and I’m here to talk cookie, so save the savory for later.  A long tray of cookies sat above the fridge holding the drinks, and the cookie salesman talked them up with authority, describing each one as though he’d made them.  I do love a man who knows his cookies.



Next time I’m getting a cupcake.


These are good if you like chocolate covered cherries.  I don’t.


Ultimately the cookie man suggested his favorite and not wanting to hurt his feelings by telling him I’d just had a linzer last week, I said of course!


Faggotini lamponi is Italian for “looks like a fried fruit pie.”

I tried about four different cookies there.  A crisp, light chocolate chip, a florentine, the cherry ball, and fried pie.  While all were nice, the most memorable thing about Il Fornaio was how sweet the cookie salesman was.

Happy Cookie Friday, man.

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  1. Crystal Hodgkinson

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We take great pride in our work and I’m glad it shows. I would like to recognize the “cookie salesman” for exceeding your expectation and for a job well done. Did you happen to catch his name or have a description of him? I am thrilled that you had a pleasant experience in our cafe and hope that you visit again soon. I’d love to introduce myself. Thank you again and have a great day.


    Crystal Hodgkinson
    Il Fornaio Retail Manager

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