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Happy Cookie Friday: EV

This week’s Happy Cookie Friday is brought to you by Espresso Vivace.  I figured I owed it to Valentine’s to do a little sweetness and light in exchange for the death threat (oh please, let my death be at the hands of Chocolat and Johnny Depp) from last week.  So I give you the raspberry linzer.  And bubbles.





I didn’t get a coffee, but James bought a slice of carrot cake (a dark, moist cake that either has absorbed the coffee flavors in the room, or they’re adding a smidge for flavoring), so I can’t tell you if their espresso is as tasty as people say.  The place was packed with folks on the free wifi and they all had cuppas on their tables.  This was a Thursday night, and I understand that the wifi may not be free on the weekends.  That’s weird?

The most wonderful thing about Espresso Vivace?  Bite.Size.Cookies.For.A.Quarter.  Yeah, I said it!  We grabbed a handful of the bitesize shortbreads, about the size of a quarter, by the way, out of a jar at the counter.   Absolutely wonderful and I will be a loyal visitor at this place forevermore for these little treats.  What a super great idea that I fully support and wish every cookie vendor in the city would start doing.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place with cookie bites available at every corner?  The answer is:  Yes.

However, it’s with great sadness and remorse that I must admit that cookies were harmed in the making of this blog.   I didn’t get to eat these cookies as they were drenched in bubble juice by the time I finished.  RIP, lovely raspberry linzer.  Your beauty of photogenuity lives on eternally (or at least as long as the internet).

Happy Cookie Friday, man.

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