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Happy Cookie Friday: Louisa’s


Last weekend I had a cheat day from the low-carb diet.  The long and short of it was this:  not worth it.  Ok, one thing was worth it.  The peanut butter cookie I found on my search for the best cinnamon roll in Seattle.  For the record, even though Google results may shoot her to the top, Louisa’s Cafe & Bakery has great cinnamon rolls, but they’re not the best in Seattle.   I’d been craving something extra gooey, very bread’ish, not croissant’ish, and cinnamony sweet for days.  I researched and Louisa’s came up again and again.  As tasty as they are, there’s a default reason that ruled them out–a dollop of cream cheese frosting crowned the roll, and that’s just wrong.  The apple cinnamon roll had the right icing (no cream cheese).  The search continues.

The peanut butter cookie, however…..   Oh my.


While I fogged the glass at the cookie counter, a lovely woman took the time to help decide which cookie would best suit my needs–crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, you know the drill.  She suggested snickerdoodles and gingersnaps, but I had the cinnamon roll for spice, I needed something else.   The others, double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, regular chocolate chip were soft, she said.  Except maybe with the exception of an extra brown peanut butter cookie, if I cared to try?  Of course I dared, and she grabbed the tongs and rooted through the tray of peanut butters and found the crispiest, most delicious, most excellent peanut butter cookie I’ve had in a long, long time.  Much less in Seattle.  Yes, I’m sure it tasted better because I hadn’t had real sugar in weeks, but still.


Wouldn’t you buy anything she was selling?  Especially if she’s selling a peanut butter cookie the size of your face?  Thing is, she was selling a lot of good looking goods.


The cherry crumble bar?  Very cherry, crispy top, and just delicious.  Lemon bars in there were lovely, too.




I didn’t try the danish, biscotti, or the vegan trail mix because frankly, I didn’t think they’d be worth the calories.  And somebody had to exert some level of control.

Cartman, however, thinks the ginormous dinner rolls they sell were the best.


Look what he did with my  peanut butter cookie (cookies never make it to my house whole).


Pretty cool, huh?

I didn’t try a lot of things that I wanted to try at Louisa’s Bakery & Cafe, but there will be other visits.  Until then, it’s dinner roll wishes and crunchy cookie dreams.

Happy Cookie Friday, Man.

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  1. sierra

    cartman’s levitating the cookie??


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