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Happy Cookie Friday: North Hill Bakery

North Hill Bakery

About five blocks east of here, there’s a sweet little spot called North Hill Bakery that makes the most amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies you’d ever want to taste.  They’re of the frequently sought, yet rarely found “crunchewy” variety, which I’m beginning to think can only be accomplished with oatmeal.  Here is where I’m supposed to insert a photo of the delectable goodness, however I never make it home from the bakery with that cookie.  And when I do happen to make it home with one, two minutes into the photo session, I’ve eaten the subject.  Occupational hazzard.  Plus, I’m low-carbing right now, so I can’t go within a two block radius of the place or there will be cookie overdosage.

James love the lemonbars.  They’re pretty good, not the best in Seattle–I’ll reveal that location later–but they’re delicious.  Seem to be available only in the summertime, though, and that’s just a waste.

NHB Lemonbars

Wintertime options run to the more dense goods, which just means the NHB is fine with being enablers of winter fat layers.

NHB Brownies

These dense, moist brownies are ok.  The truth is, I love a cheap box of Duncan Hines brownies filled with a bag of walnuts.  Don’t judge me.  I’ve forgotten what the actual name of those brownies are, but I have to admit that they’re prettier than they taste.

Today’s Happy Cookie Friday is brought to you by the NHB’s checkerboard shortbread.




The shortbread is good, very buttery, not my favorite shortbread.  The problem is that I compare everything in the bakery with the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  I’ve never had the thing that they’re most famous for, the coconut cake.  There’s always cookies to go on the counter.  Makes a great gift!  Your mouth will love you for it.

NHB Cookies

Happy Cookie Friday, Man.
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  1. cut

    You know my mama makes checkerboard shortbread every year at Christmas, and given how much she loves you she’d prolly make you some if you asked her ;-)

  2. cut

    Great pic, btw. Nothing like natural light!

  3. See, the trouble with your HCF posts is that I always wind up craving food after reading them. I can TASTE the shortbread, damnit! These all look so yummy!

  4. Gail

    Next time I’m in Renton, I’ll see if Gretchen & Kim will take a trip to NHB. Sounds like my kinda place.

  5. Devin

    ^^^ i’m going to that this year, so imma comin’ back to town, woo! i don’t have a date for my return flight yet, but if you wanted to hang, i could swing a few extra days for the requisite margaritas and photography lessons ;D

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