Tina’s PB2 Banana Cookies

PB2 Banana Cookie Ingredients © 2013 Natasha. All rights reserved.

Last week my lovely friend Tina posted a photo on Facebook of her son making cookies.  I asked for the recipe, she posted it, and one of the ingredients was “PB2.”  She’s been crazy successful with getting healthy lately, so … Continue reading

Brittany and Joseph in Tacoma

Brit and Jo © 2013 James. All rights reserved.

We met with Brittany and Joseph at several locations in Tacoma to shoot their engagement photos. We had a very fun day at the various locations. Thank you Brittany and Joseph for a great day. You can see the entire gallery of the photo shoot here.    

LeMay Car Museum

Sweet Little 16 © 2013 James. All rights reserved.

One the way up to Mount Rainier we decided to make a quick pit stop at the new LeMay Car Museum In Tacoma located next to the Tacoma Dome. The facility is very large with multiple floors and more antique cars than you … Continue reading

Lana in Carkeek Park

Lana Fence © 2013 James. All rights reserved.

Lana met us at Carkeek Park in Seattle to take some photos prior to leaving home for college. The park features a number of alcoves, beach views, and interesting architectural  areas. Good luck at school Lana!    

Kimberly and Greg

Hay Barn © 2013 James. All rights reserved.

Kimberly and Greg were married in Hawaii, but had a small reception when they returned. The location was full of fun places and things to shoot. There was something for every family member to enjoy. Thank you Kim and Greg … Continue reading

Earth Day 2012

Skagit Tulips 6 © 2012 Natasha. All rights reserved.

There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person. ~Gilbert K. Chesterton~ The first official earth day was held in 1970, by a nation consumed with war, social upheaval, and … Continue reading

Dahlia Lounge

Dahlia Lounge Crabcake © 2012 Natasha. All rights reserved.

For more than 20 years Dahlia Lounge has been sitting in downtown Seattle on the corner of 4th and Virginia, doing its local/organic thing. I’m not a big fan of that thing, and frankly of the dozen Tom Douglas restaurants … Continue reading


Quinn's Sloppy Joe blog © 2012 Natasha. All rights reserved.

The last time I went to Restaurant Zoë, they hadn’t yet moved to their new Capitol Hill location. It was a great experience and I looked forward to trying out the brother restaurant, Quinn’s. Well, almost two years later I finally … Continue reading

PNWR Yo-Yo League Championships 2012

PNW YoYo Competetion © 2012 James. All rights reserved.

Last Saturday was the 2012 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships at the Seattle Center. The competition is held annually in Seattle  and the winners qualify for the 2012 US National Companionship held in Chico, California in October.   This was our third year … Continue reading

Le Pichet

Le Pichet 1 blog © 2012 Natasha. All rights reserved.

A couple of weeks ago in the middle of a hurricane in downtown Seattle, I asked Carrie to go with me to Le Pichet to sample this chocolat chaud of which she writes so lovingly.  Chaud.  Sounds like something you’d … Continue reading

New York Pizza & Bar

New York Pizza & Bar Manhattan Pizza © 2012 James. All rights reserved.

Whenever a new pizza joint opens in Seattle the forces of justice turn their giant spotlight to the sky, just south of the Space Needle for the uninitiated, and Natasha and I rush to the scene of the crust for immediate situational analysis. … Continue reading

Hello, Cupcake!

Hello Cupcake Engagement Session © 2012 James. All rights reserved.

There are some photo sessions  that are simply more fun than others, but rarely do we get to experience food, folks, and fun in one place. In downtown Tacoma, Hello, Cupcake is the exception to that rule. Located on Pacific avenue and surrounded  by the architectural splendor of … Continue reading